Others – Default in Payment
9.61The facts of the matter are as follows:

X Berhad has a financial year end on 31 December.

X Berhad's net assets as at 30 June 2015, based on its latest financial statements published on 30 July 2015 is RM250 million.
In 2015, X Berhad had defaulted in the following payments of its credit facilities/debt securities:
MainFAQ 9.61(1)-table.PNG
Based on the facts above, is X Berhad required to immediately announce each default in payment pursuant to paragraph 9.19A of the Main LR?
​Under paragraph 9.19A(1)(a) of the Main LR, a listed issuer must immediately announce any default in payment where the total amount outstanding either singly or collectively is 5% or more of the net assets of the listed issuer based on the latest published or announced financial statements. In this regard, the table below clarifies the immediate announcement obligation of X Berhad as required under paragraph 9.19A(1)(a) of the Main LR:
MainFAQ 9.61(2)-table.PNG