Prescribed events which require immediate announcement


Paragraph 9.19(36) of the Main LR requires the listed issuer to make an immediate announcement of any circumstances or development which are likely to materially affect the results or outcome of any prospects, revenue or profit estimate, forecast, projection or internal targets of the listed issuer previously announced or disclosed in a public document. What is the extent of the variation to the results or outcome of the prospects, estimate, forecast, projection or internal targets that would be considered as “material”?

Bursa Securities does not prescribe a threshold where the variation would be considered “material” for purposes of making the requisite announcement under paragraph 9.19(36) of the Main LR. The variation would be considered material if the information of such variation is reasonably expected to have a material effect on -


the price, value or market activity of any of the listed issuer’s securities; or


the decision of a holder of securities of the listed issuer or an investor in determining his choice of action.