Terms and conditions


​​Can an issuer issue additional units of SW to the existing holder as a result of an adjustment arising from the Corporate Proposals3 (as defined in paragraph 5.17 of the Main LR)?

No, pursuant to paragraph 5.17 of the Main LR, where an issuer proposes an adjustment to the terms of the SW arising from a Corporate Proposal, the issuer may only adjust the exercise price or conversion ratio of its SW, or both. It is not allowed to issue additional units to the existing holders.

​3Based on paragraph 5.17 of the Main LR, “Corporate Proposal” means -
​(a)a corporate exercise undertaken by the underlying corporation or the issuer of the underlying financial instrument, for example a consolidation, bonus or rights issue; or
​​(b)any event which has a dilutive or concentrative or other effect on the  theoretical value of the underlying financial instruments.