Continuing obligations of a foreign issuer 1


In the event Y Ltd has a primary listing on the Main Market, are the continuing listing obligations imposed on Y Ltd the same compared with those imposed on other Malaysian listed corporations under the Main LR?

Yes, once Y Ltd is listed on the Main Market, Y Ltd is required to comply with all the other relevant requirements under the Main LR. However, Y Ltd must also comply with some additional requirements imposed under Part C of Chapter 4A in the Main LR such as the obligations to –


have directors with place of residence in Malaysia;


comply with relevant auditing standards;


distribute notices, documents or information which it is required to distribute in its place of incorporation, to its Malaysian shareholders; Chapter 4A Foreign Listing;


announce to Bursa Securities any change in interest(s) of its substantial shareholders;


prepare financial statements on consolidated basis and in accordance with approved accounting standards;


immediately notify Bursa Securities of any suspension in trading or de-listing of its securities listed on other stock exchange(s); and


immediately announce to Bursa Securities any change in the laws of its country of incorporation or the laws in the country of incorporation of its foreign principal subsidiaries, which may affect the rights of shareholders.


1 Paragraph 4A.01(2)(a) of the Main LR defines "foreign issuer" as a foreign corporation or foreign collective investment scheme  listed on the Main Market.