Nominating committee


Paragraph 15.08A(3) of the Main LR states that a listed issuer must provide in its annual report, a statement about the activities of its nominating committee in the discharge of its duties for the financial year. Such statement must include how the requirements set out in paragraph 2.20A of the Main LR are met and contain the following information:


the policy on board composition having regard to the mix of skills, independence and diversity (including gender diversity) required to meet the needs of the listed issuer;


the board nomination and election process of directors and criteria used by the nominating committee in the selection process; and


the assessment undertaken by the nominating committee in respect of its board, committees and individual directors together with the criteria used for such assessment.

Can a listed issuer publish the information required under sub-paragraph (a), (b) and (c) above on its website instead of the annual report?

A listed issuer must publish the above information in its first annual report issued after the effective date of paragraph 15.08A(3). In respect of the subsequent financial years, the listed issuer may publish such information on its website provided that the requirements under paragraph 9.25(1) of the Main LR are complied with.