Under paragraph 15.08(3)(c) and item (28) of Part A, Appendix 9C of the Main LR, a listed issuer must provide valid justifications if, in exceptional circumstances, its directors are unable to attend any training during the financial year. What are some of the “exceptional circumstances” envisaged under paragraph 15.08(3)(c) of the Main LR?

Generally, a director is expected to attend continuous training to update and enhance his skills and knowledge. This is important for the director to ensure that he continues to carry out his role effectively. It is also recognized that there may be exceptional circumstances where a director may not be able attend any training. However, these circumstances should be rare and uncommon, such as if a director is suffering from a long term illness or is bedridden over a prolonged period.

Generally, it will not be considered as an exceptional circumstance if a director is unable to attend any training because he does not have the time due to business commitment or tight schedule for instance, or there are no suitable programmes or courses available.