Can the “training” prescribed by the board of directors for its directors relate to any topic at all, as may be determined at the absolute discretion of the board?

Under paragraph 15.08(2) of the Main LR, the training that is determined by the board of directors for its directors must be on a subject matter that aids the directors in the discharge of their duties as directors. Thus, the board must exercise its discretion within the confines of that requirement.

In this regard, the findings from annual performance assessment of directors are useful as they provide valuable insights into the training and development needs of directors. The board or nominating committee will be able to prescribe the training required by its directors based on the areas for improvement identified in the findings. In addition, the board may also regularly request each director to identify appropriate training that he believes will enhance his contribution to the board.

Broadly, the training should include key developments in the legal and regulatory framework, as well as the industry within which the listed issuer operates. The training could also cover areas such as financial literacy, technical know-how, business and industry specific trends, business strategies, risk management and internal control.