When an affected person deals in the listed securities of his own listed issuer during the closed period, and the dealing falls within paragraph 14.061 of the Main LR ("14.06 Dealings"), are the affected person, the listed issuer and the company secretary exempted from the requirements of both paragraphs 14.08 and 14.09?

No, they are only exempted from the requirement of paragraph 14.08. All 14.06 Dealings are still subject to paragraph 14.09 of the Main LR.

1 Paragraph 14.06 reads as follows:
The following categories of dealings are exempted from the restrictions or requirements of paragraphs 14.04 and 14.05 respectively:
(a)the acceptance or exercise of options or rights under a Share Issuance Scheme or share option scheme;
(b)the exercise of warrants;
(c)the conversion of convertible securities;
(d)the acceptance of entitlements under an issue or offer of securities, where such issue or offer is made available to all holders of a listed issuer’s securities or to all holders of a relevant class of its securities, on the same terms;
(e)the undertaking to accept, or the acceptance of a take-over offer; and
(f)the undertaking to accept, or the acceptance of securities as part of a merger by way of a scheme of arrangement.