Opening CDS account without being present
How do I open a CDS account if I cannot be present in person?

Pursuant to Rule 25.01 (1A) of the Rules of Bursa Malaysia Depository, it is mandatory for an individual to be present in person before the ADA, if he intends to open or formalise a securities account. In the event that he is unable to do so, the ADA may be pursuant to Rule 5.02A (2) expressly waive the requirement to be present in person. The ADA may instead permit the investor to submit the relevant account opening form (available at all ADAs) and present his documents for verification in front of any of the following people who are also required to witness or certify the supporting documents:

Dealer's representative
Authorised Officer of an ADA
Authorised Officer of a Malaysian Embassy/High Commission Consulate
Lawyer in any jurisdiction who has a valid licence to practice law in that jurisdiction.
Commissioner of Oaths in any jurisdiction
Justice of  Peace in any jurisdiction
Notary Public in any jurisdiction
Officer of a registered person referred to under the third column of item 1 (b) of Part 1 of Schedule 4 to the Capital Markets and Services  Act 2007, who is authorised by such registered person to perform the activities referred to under the second column of item 1 (b)
Authorised Officer of a licensed bank/ Islamic bank and with which the individual holds an account
A person in relation to a stockbroking company licensed or approved to trade on a recognised stock exchange as defined in the Rules of the Stock Exchange, who holds a licence equivalent to a licence held by a Dealer's Representative or any other person authorised by such licensed stockbroking company.
Notary Public (in the absence of the a Notary Public in applicants country, the authorized officers of a licensed stockbroking company or the lawyer's of that  country may be allowed to verify)
Others as approved by Bursa Malaysia Depository.