Email address for eStatement
How do I provide my email address for eStatement?

You have the following options:-

 A:   Key-in your email address directly through the Bursa Malaysia Berhad's website.

       However, this option is only for individual depositors who have received their unique password phrase

       in their CDS statements.

       Please follow the following steps:       

(i)   Ensure you have your unique password phrase 

      (please refer to the question on unique password for further details)

(ii)  Please take note of the following items, before you click here to register:

       a. Identification Number (NRIC - old or new)
       b. CDS Account Number; 

          (please key-in only the last 9 digits of the CDS account no)

       c. Email Address

       d. Confirm email address

       e. Password Phrase

       f. Captcha Validation 

       (Please refer to the box below the password phrase for the information to be entered at this field).

 (iii) Your request for eStatement will only be accepted or completed once you have tick on the terms and conditions box.

 B.  You may also provide your email address through an Authorised Depository Agent i.e. your stock broker

      Available to all depositors including individual depositors who have received their unique password phrase.

      You should complete the relevant prescribed form available here [complete in 3 (three)

      copies] and submit it personally to your stock broker's office where your CDS account is maintained.