Keeping the CDS account active
When I receive the notice, what steps may I take to prevent my account from being deemed inactive? 

The designation of an account to an inactive status is to provide added security and protection to long-term investors. An account is said to be inactive when there are deposited securities in the account but with no debit or credit entries in the depositor's account for at least 36 consecutive months from the date of the last entry made. However, if you wish for your account to remain active, it will, if there are debit or credit entries in your account, prior to the date of inactivation stated in the notice sent to you.

Once your account has been designated as inactive, you may continue to perform all forms of CDS transactions which are available to the depositors except for outward transfers and trade activities.

Your securities will still remain in your CDS account after your account is designated as inactive. You may also use your inactive account to apply for IPOs. The same also applies for corporate actions. However, the status of your account will remain unchanged.

To reactivate your account, you are required to submit a written request or the completed Application for Reactivation of CDS Account form to the ADA where your inactive account is maintained.